Cessna 208B Grand Caravan – Turbo Prop

DSC_1013The C208B is a high wing aircraft powered by one large, powerful Pratt and Whitney PT6A-114A turbine engine producing 675 HP and providing a smooth, quiet ride. We also have a brand new 2016 C208B EX Grand Caravan with a PT6A-140 turbine engine producing 867 HP.

The engine and propeller combination also results in a very small “noise footprint”, meaning that people on the ground are minimally affected by the aircraft passing overhead.

The C208B is a proven workhorse with applications around the world in many different fields of aviation, from commuter work to cargo, skydiving and, of course, scenic flying.DSC_0438

Known for its rugged undercarriage and good performance in short runway situations, the C208B is again an ideal choice for Air Safaris operations in the alpine environment.

We carry up to 13 passengers in our C208B, with every seat positioned to have its own window. This configuration, coupled with the high wing design, enables unrivalled passenger viewing.

DSC_3997Easy entry and exit for passengers is guaranteed by the central aisle, the large door and the purpose built passenger steps.