GAF Nomad N24A – Twin Turbo Prop

RMN_7589 copyThe N24A is a high wing, twin turboprop aircraft with renowned short takeoff and landing   characteristics and unrivalled low noise emission. It has been described as the benchmark for all scenic flying aircraft.

Its roots in military, coastguard and flying doctors operations have shown the N24A to be a very capable machine, and in over 20 years of operation in the Southern Alps with Air Safaris the Nomad has proved extremely reliable and popular with both pilots and passengers.

DSC_4167The N24A is powered by two Allison 250 B17B turbine engines, each generating 420 HP.  Its unique aileron and flap system allows impressive slow speed characteristics which in turn give the Nomad the ability to operate in and out of shorter runways at higher elevations than most aircraft of a similar size.

With wings above the aircraft and a window for every passenger, the N24A provides the perfect platform for viewing the spectacular alpine scenery from above. A central aisle and large side door with purpose built passenger steps allow easy passenger entry and exit.

DSC_4001Air Safaris operate 2 N24As, each carrying up
to 15 passengers.

Air Safaris have found the N24 Nomad to be very reliable and a favourite with both pilots and passengers