Gippsland Aeronautics GA8

AirvanThe GA8 is a relatively new aircraft to the market, and one which has taken the scenic flying industry by storm.  Its huge windows, central aisle and large sliding cabin door give the GA8 the feel of a much larger aeroplane than its 7 passenger capacity, and it is these features that have significantly raised the standard in scenic flying aircraft over the existing smaller aeroplanes on the market.

A56Q9455 copyThe views from each seat are stunning, and the GA8 regularly receives praise from passengers at the end of a scenic flight who are beaming at their time in the mountains and their great photos.

Powered by a Lycoming IO540 6 cylinder piston engine developing 300 HP, the three normally aspirated GA8s in the fleet have quickly replaced the older fleet of piston engine Cessnas.

Most recently, in September 2009, Air Safaris took delivery of the new turbocharged version – the GA8 TC320 which provides greater performance at higher altitudes and also uses a revolutionary new 3 bladed scimitar propeller which significantly reduces the aircraft’s noise emission.

Matt & passenger copyThe four GA8s use an innovative high lift wing design to provide good load carrying characteristics while still performing well on shorter, high altitude runways.An ongoing aim of the company to operate a modern fleet has certainly been fulfilled with the introduction of the four Airvans.